The Flash Vol 8: Flash War

The Flash Vol 8: Flash War

The Flash Vol 8: Flash War describes the human feelings driving some of the Flash Family to despair.

The holiday season is when you get together with your family and remember those who were taken too soon. The Flash Family is no different. Wally has the holiday blues and is missing his family especially his twin children, Jai and Irey. Hunter Zolomon, aka Zoom, exploits Wally’s feeling to his own ends. Like most, or at least my, family gatherings, the relatives begin to squabble. However, if you’re a superhero, that leads to a Flash War.

There isn’t much action in The Flash Vol 8: Flash War. It is solely about feelings and emotions. While I like the change of pace, I missed an obvious villain like Gorilla Grodd. However, the art is as bright and clear as always. This volume does set up some interesting things for the next volume, Heroes in Crisis. 4 stars!

Thanks to DC Comics and NetGalley for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

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