Curse of Oak Island

Curse of Oak Island

Six people have died and multiple fortunes squandered on the world’s most famous treasure hunt. The Curse of Oak Island is a comprehensive history of each attempt.

In 1795, a young man finds a mysterious depression on Oak Island, a small island off Nova Scotia. With two of his friends, they dig down hoping to find the lost treasure of notorious pirate, Captain Kidd. Digging down 10 feet, they find a barrier of logs. They find another barrier at 20 feet. Realizing the danger of cave-in, they stop digging. Around eight years later, they find investors to professionally excavate the site. Every 10 feet, another layer of logs is found. However, at 93 feet, the hole fills with water. No amount of bailing reduces the water significantly. From then until now, people have been fascinated by the incredible earthworks and potential treasure hidden on Oak Island.

If you are a fan of the History Channel’s show, this is a great companion volume. The Curse of Oak Island is a history book filled with interesting details of the treasure hunt over the past 225 years. It also contains some questionable theories about why the earthworks were built (i.e., doorway to Hell!) Personally, I found the writing style a bit dry and slightly boring but your experience may be different. 3 stars.

Thanks to Atlantic Monthly Press and NetGalley for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

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