The Disappearing Act

The Disappearing Act

In The Disappearing Act, British actress, Mia, has found another outsider in Emily during the Hollywood pilot season. But then Emily vanishes. When Mia tries to find her, she finds secrets and lies standing in her way. What happened to Emily? And what will happen to Mia in this shadowy and weird world of acting?

First of all, I adore first-person thrillers. They must be difficult to write because they are rare. But, nothing more clearly shoves the reader into the character’s mind and straight into the action.

The behind-the-scenes look into the Hollywood acting establishment feels real. It makes sense because the author is a British actor herself.

Overall, The Disappearing Act earns 4 stars especially for the great and original setting.

Thanks to Ballantine Books, Random House and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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