The Collector

The Collector

Ten-year-old Lukas is The Collector of images that looked like faces. He is also missing. Detective Erik Schafer is investigating but the clues have led to nothing. Heloise is Schafer’s friend but also an investigative journalist. It’s Copenhagen in February. A young boy wouldn’t last long in the frozen streets. What happened to Lukas? Will Schafer or Heloise find him in time?

Once again, just like my experience in the previous book in the series, The Corpse Flower, I didn’t get a noir feel from this book at all. And the book could be set in any snowy town. So, no Nordic noir vibes are here either. Therefore, The Collector is best for police procedural fans. While I did feel compelled to continue reading to discover what happened to Lukas, it was a rather slow and tortured route to the ending. But the last powerful and surprising paragraph changed my 3 star rating to an immediate 4 star one. It’s the best ending I’ve read in years!

Thanks to Crooked Lane Books and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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