The Bullet

The Bullet

In The Bullet, Diane has discovered a magic herb that has the possibility to overturn how people are healed forever. But when the discovery is leaked, a billionaire will do anything to keep the breakthrough to himself. Diane goes to her ex-husband, Joe, to ask for help. Joe, Eve, and their ten-year-old son assist despite the threat of their very lives.

This is the twenty-seventh book in this series. I had read two others: the first, way back in the nineties, and the twenty-fifth, a couple of years ago. I had no issue with catching up with Eve in the prior book. But this one required a lot more backstory knowledge that I just didn’t have. It doesn’t work as a standalone. So, fans of the series should check it out. The Bullet might even be a five-star read for you. But for me, it was a slightly confused 4 stars!

Thanks to Grand Central Publishing and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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