Tales from Nottingham Vol. 1

Tales from Nottingham

The Robin Hood stories are reimagined as medieval history in the graphic novel, Tales from Nottingham Vol. 1.

The artwork is detailed and colorful. It has the mood of the old Classics Illustrated comics or the pictures in an old history book.

The plot takes real, but long dead, royalty and sets them in a modern terrorist storyline. That part works well. However, all the jumping around in time and point-of-view had me frequently turning back trying to understand what was happening chronologically.

Tales from Nottingham Vol. 1 is an intriguing mashup of real history, a famous fable, and a modern terrorist cell thriller. I am looking forward to reading the next volume in this historical fiction graphic novel series. 4 stars!

Thanks to Mad Cave Studios and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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