Last to Leave the Room

Last to Leave the Room

Something strange is happening to Tamsin. First, her team at Myrica Dynamic discovers that their city is sinking. Could it be caused by the team’s mysterious secret underground project? More concerning is that Tamsin’s basement is sinking even faster than the surrounding area. Then a door appears, and an exact copy of Tamsin pops out. Even Tamsin’s cat soon has a double. Who, or what, will be the Last to Leave the Room? And how can Tamsin restore her simple career-driven life?

Last to Leave the Room is psychological horror at its finest. It reminds me of the best Twilight Zone episodes. However, those tales always ended with an ironic twist that the viewer should have seen coming. Unfortunately, this book ends more with a quiet whimper. 4 stars for the original plot line and the genuinely atmospheric sense of dread throughout.

Thanks to St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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