Blood Cruise

Marianne is spicing up her retirement by taking a 24-hour booze cruise from Sweden to Finland and back alone. She is quickly picked up by fellow passenger, Goran, in the waiting lounge. YOLO, lol! Too bad she didn’t notice the book’s title is Blood Cruise. That does sound a bitContinue Reading

Tell Me My Name

Ellie and Neil are finally getting some alone time after dropping their two children off at summer camp. Ellie chases their dog into the neighbor’s yard and accidentally invites the neighbor, Jake, for dinner. Two days later, Jake has kidnapped them both. Jake has three rules for Ellie…but only theContinue Reading

The Witch and the Beast 1

It’s Halloween and I’m ready for something scary! The Witch and the Beast 1 does have a witch, more than 1 beast, & a weirdo who carries a coffin on his back like a backpack. However, it unfortunately failed horribly with the scary heebie jeebies. The first witch we meet,Continue Reading

Ghost Towns of Route 66

From Illinois to California, the Ghost Towns of Route 66 span the entire left half of the United States. With plenty of pictures, this book emphasizes the chutzpah of the past facing the modernization of the future. Realistically, how would the country move all the trucks of food and otherContinue Reading

Enchanted New York

There are scores of books about New York City. But Enchanted New York takes us on a deeper journey into its magical past of Freemasons, occultists and seers. Beginning with Washington’s inauguration, the book charts a real journey down Broadway and forward in time. Even though travel is discouraged rightContinue Reading

Candy Cane Crime

I love the Amish Candy Shop Mystery series and Candy Cane Crime is no exception. Bailey is in NYC working on her cable show. So Charlotte is the narrator of this cute love story. When Charlotte volunteers to collect and decorate Christmas notes with candy canes, she never expects toContinue Reading

Cold as Ice

FBI Agent Lucy’s husband is arrested for murder in Cold as Ice, the seventeenth book in the series. Lucy begins to think it’s personal when others close to her life start coming up missing or arrested on unlikely charges. Her initial thought is that it is the sociopath, Elise, whoContinue Reading


The year is 2051. Not that far from now. The excessive merging of companies since the 20th century have resulted in a single company employing all the workers in the world. It didn’t take long for The Company, as it calls itself, to take over world government too. It wasContinue Reading