The Nameless Ones

The Nameless Ones is the nineteenth book in the Charlie Parker series. However, Charlie rarely appears in this book. The assassins Louis and Angel are the main characters this time. The Balkan Conflict of the 1990s is alive and well as the Serbian mafia in the Netherlands starts bumping offContinue Reading

Getaway with Murder

Misty turns fifty, sends her last child to college, gets amicably divorced from her husband, and buys a remote mountain lodge in one whirlwind week in Getaway with Murder. After arriving at the lodge, Misty meets a hunky handyman and hires a Wiccan assistant. She makes friends with the ownerContinue Reading

Down the Hatch

Agatha Raisin finds another corpse in Down the Hatch, book 32 in the popular Cotswolds’ mystery series. Down the Hatch doesn’t wait more than a few pages for Agatha to get embroiled in yet another police case in this fast-moving mystery. When first seeing the body, Agatha, and the astuteContinue Reading

Bad Motherfucker

Samuel L. Jackson is one Bad Motherfucker—especially in Pulp Fiction, my favorite Jackson movie. However, I knew nothing about his life outside of film before reading this book. Beginning with his birth and concluding in 2021, this book tells Jackson’s story. However, the majority of the book describes every JacksonContinue Reading

A Hole in the World

Cities disappear in this spinoff from the Sky series, A Hole in the World. The tale is a military thriller with a supernatural twist. I’m not sure if it is because I jumped into this series late, but A Hole in the World is a miss for me. About halfContinue Reading

Banksy Completed

Banksy: Completed is, of course, about Banksy the provocative street artist. The book attempts, rather well I think, to explain how art critics view art differently from the public. And critics have almost unanimously hated Banksy from the start. It also investigates the nature of art itself. Can graffiti evenContinue Reading