Down the Hatch

Down the Hatch

Agatha Raisin finds another corpse in Down the Hatch, book 32 in the popular Cotswolds’ mystery series.

Down the Hatch doesn’t wait more than a few pages for Agatha to get embroiled in yet another police case in this fast-moving mystery. When first seeing the body, Agatha, and the astute reader, quickly determines the victim was poisoned. The victim is the Admiral, who is an almost universally hated town drunk.

I am usually able to tell when a new author takes over a series (i.e., Spenser and Jesse Stone). However, this book has the exact same feeling as all the other books in the series. And that feeling is delightful! Agatha is very shrewd but equally madcap. It is an effective combination. 4.5 stars!

Note: Since Agatha is a woman of a certain age, you might think this is a cozy or a Miss Marple type of mystery. It is nothing of the kind! Agatha has an active romantic life, though nothing explicit is described.

Thanks to Minotaur Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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