Invisible Girl

Saffyre is trying to be an Invisible Girl. She is investigating the creeps in her neighborhood. And what a large number of creeps there are! Every character in this book has a horrifying back story plus a deeply hidden secret. Even the seemingly innocent child abuse survivor, and now missing,Continue Reading

Dead End Drive

When Agatha dies, everyone has their eyes on her will. However, the bizarre terms will make it difficult to collect what they “deserve”. It seems everyone tries to kill everyone using extremely gory methods. In Dead End Drive, the last person alive wins the estate when the lawyer arrives theContinue Reading

Surrounded by Psychopaths

Regardless of which side of the aisle you lean towards, every US citizen feels, more now than ever, they are Surrounded by Psychopaths. This book included a timely discussion of how psychopaths think based, at least partially, on real psychological theory. It then teaches people, based on their own personalities,Continue Reading