A Golden Fury

A Golden Fury

There is a reason no one has found the mythical philosopher’s stone, a stone that can change any metal into gold. Anyone creating it goes mad. Just ask Thea, whose own mother smashed the stone and then tried to kill Thea after, almost, creating it. It truly is A Golden Fury.

Thea is a joy! Even though she is living in a time period where woman were only good for one thing, she uses her intellect to get ahead in life. She doesn’t rely on a prince to save her from her rivals. She uses her brain instead. Overall, Thea is a great role model.

The plot was exciting too. Science and myth and revolution, oh my!

Here is just a brief side note. I have always believed that if anyone has the philosopher’s stone, it is De Beers. After all diamonds are actually quite common in nature, but by limiting supply and labeling other non-De Beers’ gems “conflict diamonds”, De Beers has kept the price up. If you really could turn any metal into gold, a similar limit on supply must be maintained to keep the gold price high. Sometimes, I may be slightly too analytical when reading fantasy books, lol.

I am increasingly loving historical fiction. It is amazing how much the world has changed in a relatively short time. A Golden Fury has just the right mix of history, young adult romance, and thriller. However, Thea’s character and chutzpah is what drove this book for me. Every woman, and maybe a few men, can see themselves in her place. 4 stars!

Thanks to Wednesday Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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