White Ivy

Ivy is a first generation Chinese immigrant who has totally internalized the American Dream of being in the top 1% regardless of the cost. It fact, Ivy is trying to be what she thinks rich, white Gideon wants in a wife by becoming White Ivy. The pacing is more atContinue Reading

A Galway Epiphany

Jack Taylor is trying to escape his violent past by moving to the Irish countryside. But…just when he thought he was out, they drag him back in. After being hit by a truck, he lapses into a coma. When he awakens without a scratch, the locals think it is AContinue Reading

The Dirty South

It’s 1997. Former NYPD detective Charlie Parker is sitting in an Arkansas jail in The Dirty South. Charlie is heartbroken over the recent murder of his wife and child while searching for their killer. In the Arkansas town of Cargill, someone is killing and mutilating young African-American girls. Charlie hasContinue Reading

Love Her Madly

Love Her Madly is (a) a famous Doors’ song, (b) the title of a new book about The Doors’ front man Jim Morrison, (c) the feeling of the book’s author towards Jim’s girlfriend Mary, or (d) all of the above. The answer is, of course, d. While Wikipedia may notContinue Reading