Making Artisan Breads in the Bread Machine

Making Artisan Breads in the Bread Machine

Yum! Making Artisan Breads in the Bread Machine includes a comprehensive look into how a bread machine works before listing 100 recipes you can try at home.

I moved into my current home over a decade ago. During the move, some items were lost. One was the recipe book that came with my bread machine. That forced it into becoming a dough stirring machine, which in turn stopped me from using it and making yeast breads at home.

Because of the pandemic, I have three more hours in my day to fill (no more 2.5 hour LA commute plus only a half-hour lunch). First, I quarancleaned. Then I redecorated. Next, I started cooking tasty recipes I found online. Now, I’m trying to up my bread game.

The recipes found within the book look and sound tasty. I am somewhat disappointed that only about 25% are made entirely in the bread machine. However, I do understand to get a nice baguette or braided rope shape you can’t use the machine for anything after the dough cycle. I made the Portuguese Sweet Bread because all I had to buy was new yeast. It came out perfectly golden brown and tasted great. Next, I’m going to try the Cottage Bread before I get more exotic and include some add-ins like the fruit, nuts and seeds.

Overall, if you also have an old bread machine gathering dust in your house, Making Artisan Breads in the Bread Machine is a great way to start using it again. 4.5 stars!

Thanks to Harvard Common Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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