Hidden Things

Suspenseful heist thriller where Hidden Things don’t stay hidden forever. When fourteen-year-old Carly is attacked in her house, the police post video from her home’s security system hoping someone will recognize her attacker. While it only takes 44 views to find her assailant, the video has now spread far andContinue Reading


What a great hook for a thriller! A serial killer is one of the Thirteen people on a jury and a former con man is working for the defense team. Luke is a killer. Today, he is killing a lookalike so he can become a juror on a high profileContinue Reading

Trust Me When I Lie

Trust Me When I Lie shines a harsh spotlight on true crime television series like Netflix’ Making of a Murderer while also containing a twisty mystery. Jack Quick is the creator of a true crime television series in Australia. The series digs into the kidnapping and strangling death of Eliza.Continue Reading

Twisted at the Root

Gideon is brutally murdered in his own home in Twisted at the Root. The only person at home at the time is Gideon’s husband, Rashad. Rashad insists in his innocence but is found guilty at trial. When additional evidence is found four years later, Rashad is retried. He asks forContinue Reading

A History of Art in 21 Cats

From ancient Egyptian tomb art to modern day graffiti and YBAs, A History of Art in 21 Cats describes and illustrates the principles of 21 different art movements. Each movement includes a cat illustrating the different characteristics of the art. Many of the cats replicate a particular painting. Though theContinue Reading

Aquaman Vol 1: Unspoken Water

Aquaman Vol 1: Unspoken Water is Aquaman and his universe’s origin story. Like traditional mythology, Aquaman’s universe is full of angry, vengeful gods. First, there was Father Sea and Mother Salt. They had a perfect marriage in the world’s seas. Unfortunately, their children, though fully grown, solved their problems inContinue Reading