Star Wars Crochet

Star Wars Crochet

All twelve major characters from the original trilogy are present in Star Wars Crochet. Instructions are provided for each of them, but yarn, stuffing, and eyes are only provided for Yoda and R2D2. The other items including row counters, hook, needle and thread can be used for all the characters. All you need to bring are scissors.

The detail in these creations is perfect. R2D2’s legs are movable thanks to an ingenious use of plastic eyes as hips. These characters will look perfect sitting on my home office desk. They would also make a good baby mobile or could be used as toys for older children. I’m also thinking of scaling up the pattern of Chewbacca, my favorite character, as a couch pillow. In addition, they would be cute decorations on birthday and even holiday presents for Star Wars fans.

The crochet patterns are not complicated but crocheters should have at least some prior experience. Working in the round with row markers and frequent color changes can be daunting for crochet newbies. The stitches themselves are easy, mostly single and double crochet. There are some very good step-by-step pictures illustrating them in the front of the book.

Bottom line, these amigurumi are so darn cute! Plus, everything you need to start your collection is in the box. Whether you or someone you know loves the Star Wars universe and crochet, this Star Wars Crochet kit is a must-have. 5 stars and a favorite!

Thanks to Thunder Bay Press for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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