Lethal Licorice

Characters that feel like family and a deliciously different setting make Lethal Licorice a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. The small, mostly Amish, town of Harvest, Ohio is finally hosting the annual Amish Confectionery Competition (ACC). Bailey is competing for her grandparent’s Amish Candy Shop, Swissmen Sweets, along withContinue Reading

Raspberry Danish Murder

Where is Ross, Hannah’s husband? As the Raspberry Danish Murder opens, Hannah’s new husband, Ross, has left town with no explanation. Has he left Hannah or has he been a victim of foul play? Ross’ assistant, P.K., is drugged with candy addressed to Ross. Was Ross or P.K. the intendedContinue Reading

Black Comix Returns

Good survey of black comic artists by the creators of Kindred. Black Comix Returns contains a short biography and representative art from over 70 comic artists of color. Both established and emerging talents are showcased. Most of the artists have the plot of one of their comics or graphic novelsContinue Reading

Night Moves

Milo and Alex are back in a twisty and compelling tale. The body was found in a quiet suburban Pacific Palisades neighborhood with its head disfigured by a shotgun blast and its hands removed. The residents, a family of four, claim to not know the victim. When Milo feels aContinue Reading

Cat of the Baskervilles

Good cozy mystery with Holmes setting. Gemma Doyle is co-owner of the Sherlock Holmes Bookshop and Emporium and Mrs. Hudson’s Tea Room next door. Located in the small touristy town of West London Massachusetts, the bookshop sells all manner of Holmes books and miscellany. The Tea Room is run andContinue Reading

Look for Me

Boston Sergeant D.D. Warren and her partner Phil are back at work in this excellent addition to the series. A family of four are shot in their home while their teenage daughter is walking their dogs. D.D. and Phil are called in to investigate. Sixteen-year-old Roxanna never returns to theContinue Reading

Seven Dead

Seven Dead has a great premise that is not followed by a good story. A burglar finds a supposedly empty house filled with seven emaciated dead bodies. The room the bodies were in was locked from the outside with the window shutters nailed shut. An old cricket ball is foundContinue Reading

Pretty Girls Dancing

The underlying family dynamics of missing children wrapped within a compelling police procedural. Pretty Girls Dancing tells the stories of two families that share the tragedy of a missing teenaged daughter. When Kelsey disappeared seven years ago her family was distraught. Now Kelsey’s father has moved on but her mother,Continue Reading

Start a Successful Business

Good outline of the steps to start a new business. Start a Successful Business was written by the reporters of Inc. magazine and published by the American Management Association. It clearly states the steps needed to start a new business. Beginning with the big idea moving through business strategy andContinue Reading