Night Will Find You

Night Will Find You

In Night Will Find You, Vivvy is an astronomer who has the sight just like her psychic mother. When her mother dies, she returns to her hometown to clean out her mother’s house. While there, she is asked by a high school  and local police officer, Mike, to do some psychic work on their missing person cases. Soon, Vivvy is embroiled in two high-profile cases and entangled with another skeptical, but hot, cop named Sharp. Can she untangle the clues while also opening her heart?

The first third of this book was great with an almost horror vibe from the ghosts appearing to Vivvy. However, it soon devolves into a standard mystery with a romance. The saving grace is the characters are unusual, genuine-feeling, weirdos. However, I wanted the scary feeling from the beginning back. But the mystery within Night Will Find You was good, and a red herring really tripped me up. 4 stars!

Thanks to Flatiron Books and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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