Night Shift

Night Shift

Hildy already has a full-time job working as a hospital social worker in rural Sorenson, Wisconsin. She decides to take a second job to ride along with Police Officer Devonshire (Devo for short) and her therapy dog, Roscoe on the Night Shift.

Hildy is doing what all the Defund the Police protesters want— she is a mental health professional riding along with the police. She solves mental health issues by talent and skill rather than the police using force and threats of arrest to solve every problem.

Her first case on her new job is Danny, who suffers from schizophrenia. He claims to have seen a murder. Because he has done nothing to prevent the killing, he believes that the ghost of the victim is haunting him. Strangely, his sister professes to have seen the ghost too.

Later that night, Hildy and Devo come across a crime scene that eerily recalls Danny’s vision of the murder. Even down to the smallest details. But the scene is miles from Danny’s house. What did Danny really see? Could there be a real ghost? And who is the murderer? Will he come after Danny next? Or, worse, is Danny the murderer?

Hildy is a fascinating character. She had an extremely difficult childhood. Her mother was a prostitute. Her father unknown. At seven, Hildy was placed in a series of foster homes after her mother was murdered. The murderer was never found. By trying to control the uncontrollable life in which she was thrust, Hildy develops OCD. She also becomes a social worker on a mission to help others.

The therapy dog is also a nice addition to the cast of characters. And Hildy’s budding romance with Detective Bob keeps the story interesting on a personal level. There is also gentle humor among these pages.

Overall, if you feel like reading a cozy with some humor, a light romance, and an original job for the heroine look no further. Night Shift is an excellent choice! 4 stars!

Thanks to Kensington Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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