My Gut

My Gut

First of all, don’t make the mistake I did of thinking there is an easy answer to My Gut issues. There isn’t one within this book or any single source.

This book first delves into a detailed explanation of what is happening in your gut to cause your disease. It specifically states that self-diagnosis frequently results in both incorrect diagnosis and treatment. It strongly recommends seeing a doctor and/or nutritionist that specializes in gut health. Despite that warning it continues with a well-researched meta-analysis of current treatments for IBS, SIBO, and other gut issues. However, I wasn’t very impressed that most of the suggestions in this book come at a high cost or are for tests/apps/websites with pay walls.

Overall, I found this book overwhelming. It is bursting with information but, unfortunately, has few conclusions. It appears that the author found Ayurveda, an ancient Indian mind-body treatment, the most helpful in her particular case. But there is no guarantee that that method or any treatment or diet referenced in the book will work for your individual gut. My Gut is very disappointed right now but again my expectations were too high. If you would just like to know more about gut issues and current treatments, this is a good beginning point but don’t expect riveting reading. 3 stars.

Thanks to Wild Peach Press and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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