Muddle School

Muddle School

It’s that time of year when shy or “different” children dread going back to school. No one dreads it more than David. David is a quiet artistic kid who was constantly bullied at his old school. Hopefully, this year will be different at his new school, Muddle School, in this humorous children’s comic. SPOILER ALERT: It doesn’t.

David is quite the character.

“The only time I got close to being tough was when I was in a tricycle gang in kindergarten. I made up my own swear words so I’d never get in trouble. And when I watched TV, I wore my hoodie backward and ate popcorn out of the hood.“

But, if this comic is as autobiographical as I suspect it is, David may have the last laugh.

“You need to concentrate on your mathematics. You can’t make a living drawing funny little pictures!”—David’s math teacher who clearly doesn’t know everything.

Muddle School will bring back memories no matter how long you have been out of middle school. It is also empowering for those in middle school right now. Someday things will get better. 4 stars!

Thanks to Kids Can Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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