Hotel California

Hotel California

Hotel California contains eight mystery stories not all of which are set in California. In a clever homage, the story titles are the names of the songs on The Eagles album Hotel California.

The stories express all the different sub-genres of mystery. The stories vary from a new Jack Reacher story to a PI story by the author of the Amish Candy Shop cozy mystery series.

Sometimes you feel like reading something shorter than novel length. Short fiction in general is more plot than character driven. These stories deliver on that with intriguing tales told well. As with every collection some stories resonated with me more than others. I loved the Hotel California story. It contains actual lyrics from the song incorporated into the plot. However, it was the plot itself that hooked me the most. Overall, this book gets 3 stars from me.

Thanks to Blackstone Publishing and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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