Flight Risk

Flight Risk

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“Some sins were hard to forgive no matter how willing she was to try.” Especially when the sin was her husband having an affair, and a child, with her sister. But that was water under the bridge and a long time ago. Now her teenage niece Addy Jo is Savannah’s joy.

When her ex-husband Dustin is called out in a newspaper for taking tourist trips to Thailand with a group of men looking for underage girls for sex, attorney Savannah decides to clear Dustin’s name–if only for Addy Jo’s sake. 

Flight Risk is a twisty little thriller filled with relatable characters. It is a fun-filled ride through a family funhouse of horrors. While a Christian novel, it deals with the serious subject of sex trafficking so is probably best for adults only. 4 stars!

Thanks to the author, Thomas Nelson Books, Partners In Crime Virtual Book Tours, and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.


When Agent Martin walked in with a stack of files and a recorder, Rochelle straightened with a jerk while Savannah frowned. 

“I thought you wanted to talk about the documents we brought.” She opened her briefcase and slid out the bulging accordion file.

 “We’ll get there.” He sat across the metal table from them, arranged his files just so, then pulled out a pen and opened the first file. “Thank you for coming in.” 

Rochelle sniffed, her gaze snapping as straight as her back. “I didn’t have a choice.”

“It’s always good to cooperate.” He flashed her a smile, but Savannah wasn’t warmed by it. “We have a few questions.” 

Fifteen minutes later, Savannah decided this was the strangest interrogation she’d witnessed in a long time. It felt as awkward as the one from a mock trial class she’d had in law school. 

Agent Martin leaned into the conversation in a way that struck her as overzealous, and Rochelle sat back with arms crossed and mouth closed. At least her client had remembered not to volunteer information.

A stack of files sat at Agent Martin’s elbow. “Tell me again what your company had on that plane.”

“Nothing.” She glanced at Savannah, then continued. “We didn’t put anything on the plane.” 

“What do you mean?” 

“It’s come to our attention that someone may have stolen our tech and put it on the plane, but we aren’t sure.” 

“Interesting.” He smirked at her, and Rochelle rolled her eyes, a gesture guaranteed to antagonize the man. “All right. Tell me about your relationship with Sahid Abdul.” 

Rochelle raised her hands in a what-are-you-talking-about gesture. “Who?” 

“Your boyfriend.” He slid a photo of a handsome, late-forties man across the table. 

Rochelle’s eyes narrowed, and Savannah hurried to speak before her client could. “Why does this man have anything to do with this?” She glanced at Rochelle as the woman’s jaw hardened. 

“He’s a Saudi national.” 


“He’s on our watch list.” 

Rochelle stiffened even further. “That’s ridiculous. I would have heard something.”

His gaze narrowed. “Do you conduct background checks on your boyfriends?” 

The color drained from Rochelle’s cheeks, and Savannah put a restraining hand on the woman’s arm. 

“Let’s get back to the reason we’re here.” 

The man stroked the top file. “Is Mnemosyne’s code designed to spy on a plane or bring it down?”

 Rochelle snorted. “What? Neither!” 

Savannah placed a restraining hand on Rochelle arm. “What my client means is that without more she has nothing to say. This sounds like a fishing expedition. If my client knew anything that would help unravel the cause of the crash, she would divulge it. However, at this point, you don’t even know what you’re asking for.” 

The man leaned so far across the table, Savannah felt his breath on her face when he spoke. “We will nail the people behind this crash. If your client had anything to do with it, the only thing that will assist her is to cooperate now. If we find the information independently, there will be no leniency.” 

“It’s a simple plane crash. While they are always tragedies, that doesn’t make them national emergencies.” 

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  1. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing Flight Risk! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

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