Ghosted, the word, is when a hookup quietly ignores your texts, calls, emails and other online communications. Ghosted, the book, is a wonderful twisty love story. Sarah and Eddie, both in their late 30s, spend a romantic week together after meeting unexpectedly. As Eddie is leaving for a holiday inContinue Reading

Space Between

Space Between is a good choice for fans of Gone Girl. Sarah and Ben have been married 15 years when Ben mysteriously disappears. Ben leaves behind a shiny new Glock, an erased security system and a million dollar transfer into Sarah’s bank account. Ben was scheduled to testify the followingContinue Reading

Believe Me

All actors must embody their character. Sarah, especially, is willing to do anything for her craft. Her wish is that her audience “Believe Me”. Sarah attends a method acting school in New York City. She had blown her chance at fame at home in London. Lack of resources and noContinue Reading


What is causing The Disappearing of blond girls in Waddell Florida is the question in this Southern neo-gothic dripping with moss and memories of the pre-Civil War lifestyle. After her husband leaves, Lane returns to her hometown in Florida with her two daughters, Annalee and Talley, to live with herContinue Reading

Baby Teeth

Baby Teeth is a good Bad Seed thriller. Hanna doesn’t speak but has an abundance of thoughts. Hanna loves her Daddy but hates her Mommy. Hanna is evil. Hanna is four. Hanna has some mental health issues but feels if she can get rid of her Mommy, she would haveContinue Reading

Plaster Sinners

Plaster Sinners is another fun Flaxborough romp! Detective Sergeant Love is coshed on the head while inspecting a plaster cottage bas-relief. Later, the item is sold for an astonishingly high 370 pounds. Suspecting something shady, Inspector Purbright investigates. This is the eleventh book in the series of twelve. The charactersContinue Reading

Shelved Under Murder

Amy and Richard stumble upon another body in the second novel in the Blue Ridge Library series, Shelved Under Murder. Amy is the head librarian and Sunny is her assistant at the perpetually underfunded Blue Ridge library. Sunny convinces a local artist to donate three paintings to the library. WhileContinue Reading

Her Pretty Face

A compelling psychological thriller peers into Her Pretty Face and sees a bubbling cauldron of duplicity. Frances’ son Marcus has ADHD and oppositional defiance disorder making him difficult to control. Recently accepted to an elite middle school, an offensive act makes both him and his mother pariahs. Kate’s son CharlesContinue Reading

Cold in July

“Killing a man had not altered my appearance in the least.” states Richard Dane, part-time killer and full-time father in Cold in July. Richard kills an intruder in his home in self-defense. When the victim’s father, Russel, comes for revenge, a strange friendship develops. It appears the police might haveContinue Reading

Exit Strategy

After calling a clandestine number, Jordan uses the Exit Strategy to begin again. Soon Jordan regrets his “death” but is told if he contacts his wife, they will kill her. After undergoing facial reconstruction, Jordan is reborn. When he accidentally contacts his wife, he must fight to save his familyContinue Reading