Murder for the Books

Formulaic mystery with a small town atmosphere and a refreshing romance. Amy Webber has run back to her aunt’s house in small town Taylorsford Virginia following a disastrous and public breakup with her boyfriend. Her job as a public library Director with only one employee, Sunny Fields, is fun butContinue Reading

Whispering Room

Jane Hawk continues to hunt down her husband’s killer in this action-packed sequel to The Silent Corner. Jane is searching for the top man at Far Horizons, David James Michael, to record his confession. His company is using brain nanobots to control people. Some are used as submissive sex slaves,Continue Reading

Season to Lie

Riveting character-driven police procedural set in February in the Colorado Rockies. Gemma has just returned from maternity leave to her job as a Cedar Valley Colorado police detective. She is conflicted about letting her baby-daddy and live-in boyfriend work from home while watching her daughter. Her first case is theContinue Reading

Kill Creek

Beware, you may not sleep well after reading Kill Creek! Kill Creek begins with four horror novelists agreeing to a live-streamed interview in a long abandoned haunted house in Kill Creek, Kansas.  The interviews are held on Halloween night and the novelists stay overnight within the house. All the novelistsContinue Reading


A non-stop roller-coaster of a read! Subhuman begins by showing the seemingly disparate specialties of five scientists. Dr. Cade Evans is an archaeologist, who has just discovered a mass grave underneath an existing excavated Egyptian tomb. Within it, Evans finds a mass of animal and human bodies, one with anContinue Reading

Y is for Yesterday

Good penultimate addition to the series. Y is for Yesterday is the 25th book in Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone private detective series. Y is set in late 1989 and details two mysteries. The first involves Kinsey’s attempted murderer from the previous book in the series, X. Ned Lowe is onceContinue Reading

How the Finch Stole Christmas

Great mystery but missing usual comedic family subplots. In How the Finch Stole Christmas, it’s Christmastime in Caerphilly. Michael’s college has decided to bring in a has-been actor named Malcolm Haver to increase tourist attendance for its annual play, A Christmas Carol. Unfortunately, Haver has a drinking problem, which meansContinue Reading

Murder for Christmas

Splendid British Golden Age murder mystery. For several years, Benedict Grame, a rich eccentric billionaire, has invited his friends to celebrate a traditional Christmas celebration in his mansion in a remote British village. However, this year he has also invited celebrated amateur detective Mordecai Tramaine. On Christmas Eve, a woman’sContinue Reading

The Doll House

Evocative psychological thriller set in a dysfunctional family (aren’t they all) by a brand-new author. This is a story of two sisters, Corinne and Ashley. Ashley is happily married with a teenage daughter, a primary school son and a baby girl. Corinne is desperately trying to have her first childContinue Reading