Bone Deep

Bone Deep

When investigating a wife’s murder, police investigators always look at the husband first. Bone Deep tells the true story of what happens when that assumption is incorrect—but the husband is convicted of murder anyway.

Yes, the Russ Faria case of injustice really happened. And yes, it is the subject of multiple news shows, podcasts, and a soon-to-be released mini-series starring Renee Zellweger. However, Bone Deep goes, well, bone deep into the story. Mr. Faria’s defense attorney, who is a co-author of this book, knows the inside story. The plot begins as a murder mystery and evolves into a courtroom thriller. And it’s all true! It’s an exciting ride even if you know the ultimate outcome. It is a must-read for true crime fans. 5 stars and a favorite!

Thanks to Citadel and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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