The Paradox Hotel

The Paradox Hotel

The Paradox Hotel sits near the world’s only time travel airport. The uber-rich can vacation in ancient Egypt or Renaissance Italy. The TEA ensure that nothing crucial is changed in the past by the bumbling tourists or stealthy smugglers.

January was a crack agent in the TEA. Unfortunately, she got Unstuck, where too much time travel causes time slips. January is forced to work as the hotel’s Chief of Security rather than doing any more time travel. However, it may be too little too late for January’s mind. She seems to be moving onto a more dangerous stage in the disease. She is having hallucinations that later happen. First, she sees lost baby dinosaurs. Next, it’s her own murder. However, the most disturbing image is the dead man in one of the hotel’s rooms who appears to be stuck in time. And only she can see him. The plot is further complicated by the US government’s sale of the hotel in an auction in the bowels of the hotel. Oh, and the atomic clock in the lobby is broken too. It is basically a bad week to be January.

I loved the world building within The Paradox Hotel. However, the plot is stuffed with too many subplots. The list in the paragraph above only hits about half of them. It gets overwhelming not just for January but also for the reader. In addition, there are so many characters that after a while I stopped trying to determine whether Oswald was the nice Elon Musk or the rude Jeff Bezos-type potential hotel buyer. This book would make a better trilogy with several cliffhanger endings (even though I hate those types of conclusions). Still, I did enjoy it as written, even if I felt like I had run a marathon after each chapter. 4 stars!

Thanks to Ballantine Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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