Believe Me

Believe Me

All actors must embody their character. Sarah, especially, is willing to do anything for her craft. Her wish is that her audience “Believe Me”.

Sarah attends a method acting school in New York City. She had blown her chance at fame at home in London. Lack of resources and no green card forces her down some mean streets. First, she works with a private detective to entrap married men on video for $400 a date. Then the police invite her to role play as a victim to someone they suspect of being a sadist serial killer. Sarah agrees for the chance of getting her green card. That’s where the fun begins in Believe Me, the latest book by the author of the Girl Before.

This book is an invigorating and compelling ride through Dante’s Inferno. I intended to read just a chapter or two before dinner. When I next glanced up from the book, it was two hours later and I was already a third into the book. The plot holds the reader by the throat and won’t let up. The abrupt twists and turns are fair—though I only saw the clues in retrospect.

Believe Me is definitely only for adults who thought Fifty Shades of Gray was too tame. There is some serious BDSM action in here. However, if you want to read about a world that you would never have the nerve to join, read this book. It has a great plot and setting that you won’t soon forget. 5 stars!

Thanks to the publisher, Ballantine Books, and NetGalley for an advanced copy.

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