All Star Batman Vol 3: The First Ally

All Star Batman Vol 3 First Ally

Alfred’s backstory is surprisingly interesting! Plus the always great team of Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque makes this a beautiful addition to the Batman story.

All Star Batman Vol 3: The First Ally uses flashbacks effectively interspersed with the main Dark Knight plot line. The flashbacks tell Alfred’s origin story and how he starting working for the Batman. There is a great comparison between superhero and pirate stories that will make readers think. The main plot is Batman taking risks and fighting evil as usual. Penguin, Black Mask and Great White join in on the fun. The two plots intertwine in surprising ways. The ending is unexpected and shocking.

This book contains issues 10-14, which were published separately from July 2017 through November 2017. It can be read as a standalone. It also contains the five-part short story that was including in the original comics: Killers-in-Law. Rafael Albuquerque is credited as one of two writers along with Rafael Scofone. The art is done by Sebastian Fiumara. It is a slight tale of the Batman’s travel to Russia to prevent weapons being smuggled into Gotham City. While there, he is engulfed in a turf war between two rival gang families. Princess Vik is awesome but the rest was rather forgettable. Still the main story was very good and expanded the reader’s knowledge of the Bat universe. It is definitely worth picking up. 4 stars!

Thanks to the publisher, DC Comics, and NetGalley for an advanced copy.

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