A Dark and Secret Place

A Dark and Secret Place

Heather and her mother haven’t talked much lately. When Heather learns that her mum has killed herself, she returns to her mother’s house to discover why. Heather’s mum has been corresponding with an imprisoned serial killer for decades—even before he was arrested. What was their relationship? Do the current copycat killings relate to her mother’s death? Heather must talk to the convicted killer to find the answers in A Dark and Secret Place.

The atmosphere is thick with secrets in this suspense novel. The author does a great job creating the mood of a dark fairy tale like those described within the book. There are two third-person narratives: Heather’s and the serial killer, Michael, as a young boy. Michael’s story is disturbing. Its cruelty to man and beast may bother some readers so beware of that when deciding on this book.

My issue with the book is with Heather. She doesn’t feel genuine. Some of her dialogue was stilted. Many of her actions were unbelievable. By the last half, I was definitely sick of her.

Also, this is not a book for armchair detectives. There are no clues to follow. You are riding a dark Disneyland ride to the end with no input required or wanted by the plot. While I didn’t enjoy A Dark and Secret Place, some readers may. 3 stars.

Thanks to Crooked Lane Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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