Diablo Mesa

In Diablo Mesa, archeologist Nora Kelly is tricked into working on a project at the site of the Roswell Incident in 1947—even though she doesn’t believe in extraterrestrials. While excavating, Nora’s team discovers the bodies of a man and a woman that appear to date from the 1940s. In addition,Continue Reading

Murder Next Door

My Review Psychics, missing persons, witches, corpses, and vampires? Redemption, Wisconsin, is my kind of town! Charlie runs a tea and tincture service from her house. One of her customers, eighty-year-old retired schoolteacher Mildred, is concerned about her neighbor. It seems Jonas has taken a month-long vacation without telling her.Continue Reading


600,000 people get released from jails and prisons each year. What happens to these people? While 68% return to incarceration within three years, what obstacles did the remaining 32% successfully hurdle to achieve real freedom? Free uses the stories of six former prisoners to show the challenges that reentry toContinue Reading

The Book of Pslams

What if God was not the benevolent, and vengeful, God of the Bible? What if he had job burnout and a sarcastic sense of humor? You are about to find out in The Book of Pslams. God has already written down everything about how mankind can live a good life.Continue Reading

The Investigator

The author of the Prey series and Virgil Flowers novels lets another Davenport out into the world. Letty Davenport gets her turn at a series in The Investigator. Letty is just out of college and bored in her job working for US Senator Chris Colles. He offers Letty a chanceContinue Reading

Bountiful Garden

In Bountiful Garden, six teenage scientists awaken ten years early from their cryostasis. They have been selected by Earth to begin a new civilization on a planet far away. Their ship is trapped above an unknown planet. The team splits up with three exploring the planet and three attempting toContinue Reading

The Candy House

The Candy House is another mind-altering reading experience from the author of A Visit From the Goon Squad. An businessman/inventor offers a way to store your experiences including what everyone surrounding you felt about it (as long as you share your memories for all the world to see). It isContinue Reading

The Burning Pages

Scottish bookstore owner, Delaney, is dragged into a mystery again in The Burning Pages. Delaney is invited to a prestigious dinner celebrating Scottish poet, Robert Burns. She brings along her coworker, Hamlet. After the dinner, the venue is burned to the ground and Hamlet is the number one suspect. IContinue Reading

Crimson Summer

In Crimson Summer, a bloody gang massacre is found in the Florida Everglades. It sounds like a typical Florida day until a small red horse is found in a pool of blood. Florida Special Agent Amy and her boyfriend, FBI Special Agent Hunter, are put on the case because ofContinue Reading

Two-Way Murder

Turn back the clock to the 1950s in the vintage murder mystery, just published for the first time, Two-Way Murder. Ian is driving his potential girlfriend, Dilys, home after the annual Hunt Ball when they find a dead body in the road. Dilys walks home before the police arrive toContinue Reading