The Investigator

The Investigator

The author of the Prey series and Virgil Flowers novels lets another Davenport out into the world. Letty Davenport gets her turn at a series in The Investigator.

Letty is just out of college and bored in her job working for US Senator Chris Colles. He offers Letty a chance to partner with an experienced Department of Homeland Security agent, John Kaiser. Letty and John are investigating an oil theft and the subsequent disappearance of an oil executive and his wife in Texas.

Letty is not taken seriously by anyone because she is young and female. But she soon proves that she has the chops for espionage work (and a little wet work as well). Is there anything Letty cannot do?

The Investigator is a good start to a new thriller series—though I miss Virgil’s laid-back sense of humor. There is humor here, but it reminds me more of the Prey series. The criminal mastermind that Letty and John are trailing, Jane Jael Hawkes, is the leader of a right-wing militia. She is also female making this book very different from the traditional testosterone-fueled shoot-em-up.

If you are looking for excitement within a feminist plotline, look no further than The Investigator. It is an exhilarating look into Letty’s new world. 4 stars!

Thanks to G.P. Putnam’s Sons, Canelo, and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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