How to Tell a Story

How to Tell a Story

I have a nasty little secret (for a book review blogger). I don’t like to read book blurbs. It spoils the surprise for me. Because of this possible flaw, How to Tell a Story was not what I expected. It is specifically discussing how to prepare to tell a true story from your life experiences to a Moth event audience.

Though there is absolutely no chance that I will be doing a Moth event, there are still valuable lessons in this book. Everyone can use a more productive way to look back at their life to see what lessons they’ve learned or tragedies they’ve survived. Even fiction writers will enjoy the concise overview and concrete options of how to structure great stories with beginnings and endings that grab the reader and leave them thinking about the plot far longer than it takes to close the book.

If you are planning on telling a story on stage, How to Tell a Story will help immensely. For fiction writers, there are probably better writing guides. 3 stars.

Thanks to Crown Publishing and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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