The Perishing

The blurb of The Perishing was so much better than the book itself. For most of the book, I was confused. When the denouement finally appeared, it felt rushed. And, to be honest, I didn’t care what happened by then anyway. Do yourself a favor and skip this book. 2Continue Reading

Final Spin

Final Spin is the story of two best friends, Johnny and Goat, who decide to rob their employer. Johnny wants to use his share of the money to purchase the laundry mat his “peculiar” brother works at. You see Arty loves laundry like others love their pets—or even children. IContinue Reading


Originally, I thought Tacky would be a psychological or nostalgic look into millennial pop culture of the 2000s. While that culture is described here, it is used solely as a backdrop to the author’s personal memoir. The book also emphasizes sex and bad relationships that may be inappropriate for youngContinue Reading

Game On

Stephanie Plum and her crazy life are back with Game On, the twenty-eighth book in the series. Stephanie is a bail bond enforcement agent with a lot of helpful, and not so helpful, friends and family. Her sidekick is Lula, a former working girl who likes to eat and showContinue Reading

The Nameless Ones

The Nameless Ones is the nineteenth book in the Charlie Parker series. However, Charlie rarely appears in this book. The assassins Louis and Angel are the main characters this time. The Balkan Conflict of the 1990s is alive and well as the Serbian mafia in the Netherlands starts bumping offContinue Reading

Getaway with Murder

Misty turns fifty, sends her last child to college, gets amicably divorced from her husband, and buys a remote mountain lodge in one whirlwind week in Getaway with Murder. After arriving at the lodge, Misty meets a hunky handyman and hires a Wiccan assistant. She makes friends with the ownerContinue Reading

Down the Hatch

Agatha Raisin finds another corpse in Down the Hatch, book 32 in the popular Cotswolds’ mystery series. Down the Hatch doesn’t wait more than a few pages for Agatha to get embroiled in yet another police case in this fast-moving mystery. When first seeing the body, Agatha, and the astuteContinue Reading