Blacktop Wasteland

Beauregard, Bug for short, owns an auto repair shop in a small rural town. But what he loves is driving—driving fast. Street racing for money. Driving criminal gangs away from the scene of their crimes. Because the only fun in this Blacktop Wasteland is speed. Life has hit Bug hard.Continue Reading

The Only Good Indians

Four Native Americans kill an elk years in the past and live, and die, to regret it. After all, The Only Good Indians are vegan Indians. The first part of the book has the pacing and the plot of a thriller. However, the middle slows down substantially to a slow-burnContinue Reading

The Shadows

Twenty-five years ago, a boy is killed, another disappeared, and yet another is found guilty of murder. In the present, a teenager is killed in the same manner. Is it a copycat? Or has the boy who disappeared years ago returned from The Shadows? I hate to base a ratingContinue Reading