The Shadows

The Shadows

Twenty-five years ago, a boy is killed, another disappeared, and yet another is found guilty of murder. In the present, a teenager is killed in the same manner. Is it a copycat? Or has the boy who disappeared years ago returned from The Shadows?

I hate to base a rating on an author’s prior book. However, The Whisper Man was so great, I had high expectations for The Shadows. Unfortunately, my expectations were not fulfilled.

Part of this issue is mine. I requested this book not realizing how much dreams were a part of the plot. Ever since the “dream” season premiere on Dallas, I have always disliked dreams used in stories. While I dislike using dreams as a plot device, I’m not scared of them. In this story, the characters are.

However, part of the issue is the author’s or perhaps the editor’s. I wasn’t always clear whether a chapter was set in the past or in the present. This may be partially because I’m listening to an audiobook. Still, just adding a date in front of every chapter—not just some of them—would have solved this issue.

The book also dragged a bit in the middle. Overall, read The Whisper Man first as it is a much better thriller with horror overtones. If you do decide to read The Shadows, go in with zero expectations. 3 stars.

I will still look for the author’s future books as a sophomore slump is a pretty common issue with new writers.

Thanks to Celadon Books, MacMillan Audio, and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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