Blood Oath

Blood Oath has a plot ripped from both the #metoo and the mysterious UK poisonings headlines. NYC head prosecutor Alexandra Cooper and her police detective boyfriend Mike are investigating Lucy’s claim of being sexual assaulted at fourteen. Lucy states while she was serving as witness, the prosecutor, Zach, took advantageContinue Reading

Murder Lo Mein

Murder Lo Mein is the latest Noodle Shop Mystery. Lana Lee is the new manager at her family’s noodle house. At the annual Cleveland’s Best Noodle contest, her restaurant wins day one of four. Later that day at the karaoke after-party, one of the contest judges is murdered. Lana decidesContinue Reading

How to Write a Page-Turner

If you want your readers to lose sleep because they can’t stop reading your book, How to Write a Page-turner will explain step-by-step how to it. Beginning with the four types of tension (danger, conflict, uncertainty, and withholding), the book explains exactly how to add each one to the characters,Continue Reading

Family Tree Problem Solver

Family Tree Problem Solver is exactly that. If you registered on any of the genealogy sites, this book can help you make better use of their tools and perhaps save you some frustration. Beginning with five steps to solving genealogical problems, the book takes the amateur genealogist through the entireContinue Reading

Trouble on the Books

Trouble on the Books is the first in a new cozy mystery series, A Castle Bookshop Mystery. Shelby takes leave from her job to help her Aunt Edie with opening her new bookstore after Edie’s knee replacement surgery. The bookstore is in a real-life castle on Blye Island in upstateContinue Reading

Wild LA

Who knew there is so much nature around urban Los Angeles? It really is Wild LA. This guidebook contains something for every Los Angeleno (or visitor). There is a page of pictures, descriptions, and interesting facts for 101 species including birds, mammals, insects, reptiles, snails, mold, and plants. All areContinue Reading

Someday is Not a Day in the Week

It is important to remember that promising to follow a dream “someday” never works because Someday is Not a Day in the Week. This book gives ten life hacks that can help you align your ultimate goals with your current reality. Are the life hacks new ideas that you haveContinue Reading

Rolling Stones in Comics!

I love comics and the Rolling Stones (sorry Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) so I had to read the Rolling Stones in Comics! It tells the Rolling Stones story from its humble beginnings as a R&B cover band through its last tour. It details the issues between the band members,Continue Reading

Run Away

Simon is trying to find his heroin-addicted daughter, Paige. When he finds her, she is high and busking for change in Central Park. When he tries to talk to her, she runs away. Her boyfriend Aaron steps in to prevent Simon from catching her leading Simon to punch him inContinue Reading

A Short History of Europe

A Short History of Europe begins with Neanderthals and concludes with the 2016 vote by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. In between are births, deaths, court intrigue and full-blown battles. Whether you are planning to go on Jeopardy or just want to impress academics with your cocktailContinue Reading

Perfect Alibi

A college athlete is convicted of rape based on his DNA. However, he has the Perfect Alibi when a second victim is also linked to his DNA while he is in prison. With a new attorney, he is set for a new trial and let out on bail. Robin LockwoodContinue Reading

Between the Lies

A romantic suspense tale wrapped in a psychological thriller, Between the Lies takes the domestic thriller in a new direction. Chloe awakens after being in a coma for over a month. She had a severe head injury after surviving a car accident. Amnesia prevents her from remembering the accident andContinue Reading

And Then You Were Gone

And Then You Were Gone is an innovative psychological thriller that includes an inside look at mental illness. Emily is a child psychologist. Paolo is an epidemiologist. They decide to take a weekend vacation on a rental boat. Paolo is an experienced boat captain and swimmer. Emily cannot swim. SheContinue Reading