You are not Alone

You are Not Alone

Shay is a numbers-obsessed single woman in NYC, who lives with her best friend, Sean, who she wishes was more than just a friend. Sean is oblivious to Shay’s interest in him and has a girlfriend, Jody. Shay has also recently lost her job. One day she is waiting for the subway when the woman next to her jumps onto the tracks. So begins the funhouse ride of a book called You are not Alone. These are the same authors as my 2018 favorite, The Wife Between Us. So you know to expect some misdirection and it is there, in spades.

A group of six women led by sisters Cassandra and Jane have a connection to the dead woman. Shay also feels a strange underlying connection to the woman, later found to be named Amanda. And it’s not just Amanda’s necklace, which Shay retrieved from the subway station floor.

Surprise about everyone’s motives is key to the reader’s enjoyment of any of these authors’ books so I won’t say more. Suffice it to say, You are not Alone is a thrill ride not to be missed. If you’re like me, your alliances will change frequent as you read the book. I would also like to call out the lead-ins in front of each chapter from the “Data Book”. With facts about suicides to how to lie effectively, they were icing on the cake (whether they were true or not). 5 stars and a favorite 2020 thriller.

Thanks to St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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