Wolf Wants In

Wolf Wants In

We are alongside the narrators, Sadie who is investigating her brother’s death and Henley who just wants to escape the small rural Kansas town hit hard by the opioid crisis, in the Wolf Wants In.

Shane, Sadie’s brother, dies from a heart attack under mysterious circumstances. No autopsy is done possibly because Shane’s wife Crystle can barely afford to keep her body and soul together. The local police are preoccupied with a child’s skull found nearby.

Henley has no dad and an occasionally drugged-out mom. She is also dating the town’s rich boy, Jason Sullivan, as well as being Crystle’s cousin. She knows what her life holds if she stays in Blackwater so she plans to leave.

The Wolf Wants In is a great character study of a town victimized by opioids, the residents’ own bad behavior, and the two women mired in it. It is a slow quiet burn of a read—not really a thriller. However, I still liked it until the too quickly tied-in-a-bow conclusion. However, if you like literary fiction, you will enjoy the complexity of the characters and the excellent prose of this tale. 4 stars!

Thanks to Spiegel & Grau and NetGalley for a wished for copy in exchange for my honest review.

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