Who’s Dead, Doc?

Who's Dead, Doc?

Amateur sleuths Jules and Bun, her telepathic rabbit, return in Who’s Dead, Doc?

Running a rabbit rescue farm and a store offering yarn and classes seems like a lot of work on their own. But when Jules is asked to look into the murder of nasty Evelyn by the hostess of the birthday party where it occurred, she jumps in with both feet. Evelyn argued with both the hostess and Jules just a few minutes before being stabbed and shoved in the bushes. Good thing Jules has a telepathic rabbit sidekick to assist with the investigation. Bun has better hearing than a human detective but also a strong belief in his “superpowers”.

I previously read the first book in the series, Left Fur Dead. I thought the lack of clues made the murderer impossible to guess. In Who’s Dead, Doc?, the murderer seems too obvious. It was so easy that I originally thought it was a red herring so I was disappointed when the obvious suspect was revealed as the killer at the end. However, I did enjoy the interplay between Bun and Jules. The setting at a rabbit competition was innovative too. Unfortunately, I read cozy mysteries for the mystery too so 3 stars.

Thanks to Kensington Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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