Vicious Circle (A Joe Pickett Novel #17)

This book is a sequel to Endangered (Joe Pickett #15) so it would be much better if that book was read first. I read it when it came out in 2015 so the amount of back story explanation was perfect but would probably not be enough for someone reading this book first.

The plot was almost exclusively about enemies of the Pickett family themselves. Nate was used a bit but nowhere near as much as the previous entry in the series, Off the Grid, which I liked more than this novel. This novel only had one Game Warden-type side plot of poaching. The main plot could have been set in any city or country. I prefer the Wyoming-specific plots more since I live near Los Angeles.

This novel was good but not as great as many other of the author’s works. It is somewhat required reading for Pickett fans because things happen in this book that will impact future books in the series.

3 stars

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