Undead Messiah 2

Undead Messiah 2

Undead Messiah 2 explains what is causing the zombie apocalypse and who the mysterious masked messiah is.

Tim is obsessed with zombies. He plays zombie video games. He watches zombie movies. Little does he know how useful that will soon become in real life.


SPOILER for Undead Messiah 1 below. I recommend reading them in order.

Tim watched his parents become zombies, found out he has a red-eyed baby half-brother Elian, and was locked in military prison in volume 1.



Tim awakens in the castle hide-out of the mysterious masked messiah, who is actually Dr. Ritch. Ritch has given him an iv of an unknown purple fluid. Ritch wants Tim to become his prophet and tell the world of his greatness. Tim has other plans as he hasn’t forgiven Ritch for killing his father, though his dad was admittedly a zombie at the time.

The zombie world building is impressive and unique within Undead Messiah 2. If you like zombies, you shouldn’t miss the Undead Messiah series as I’m sure some of the innovations will be quickly copied by other writers. 4 stars!

Thanks to Tokyopop and Edelweiss+ for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

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