Tweet Cute

Tweet Cute

This young adult romance is about tweets and the characters are cute so it wins for most appropriate title, Tweet Cute. Ahhh, first love. Technically, first annoyance and then love.

Pepper is uprooted from her Nashville roots to move to NYC with her family. Their restaurant, Big League Burgers, has gone global. As we meet Pepper, she has gotten used to her ritzy Upper East Side prep school. She is massively competitive both academically and on the school’s female swim team. Pepper’s mother also pressures her to send out snarky (and therefore buzzworthy) tweets for their restaurant chain.

Meanwhile, Jack and his much more popular twin, Ethan, are students at the same prep school. Ethan is captain of the school’s male dive team and on the student counsel. Jack has secretly created a school wide app called Weazel that allows students to talk anonymously with no bullying allowed. He has been chatting with a girl with whom he feels a real connection. But he feels it would be cheating to look in his files for her name.

Most students have trouble telling the twins apart but not Pepper. So when Jack appears as Ethan to meet her about the swim team, she immediately lets him know that she knows he is “parent trapping” her. While Jack has always annoyed Pepper with his constant ribbing, she feels strangely at ease in his company.

However, Jack is rather snarky on Twitter too on behalf of his family’s small local deli. He tweets to the large chain restaurant who stole the name, and possibly the recipe, of their most famous sandwich. Of course, the restaurant is Pepper’s family business.

Tweet Cute uses the app, tweets, and swim/dive team connection to spark a romance between Jack and Pepper. Despite being totally predictable, I enjoyed spending a few hours in the lives of Jack and Pepper. Their story is engaging. It forces you to root for them to make it no matter how many obstacles the author puts in their way. It’s a feel-good story with genuine characters and many laugh-out-loud moments. 4 stars!

Thanks to St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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