Treasure State

Treasure State

Montana private investigator Cassie Dewell is working on two cases in Treasure State, the sixth in the Highway Quartet series. [Why is it book six of a series of four (the definition of quartet)? I have no idea.]

Cassie’s first case is a bit of a puzzle. A poem has been found leading allegedly to a $3.5 million treasure. The poem’s author has hired Cassie anonymously to find out his identity. Could that be why her office was ransacked?

Her second case is to find a con man. The victim’s first PI has ominously come up missing while working on the case. Can Cassie find the con man and determine if he had anything to do with the detective’s death?

I have never been disappointed by this author. And I wasn’t here either. The con man case is a straightforward PI procedural. While the treasure case has some humor included. It is based on a real treasure map story from the northern US, if I remember correctly. The two stories balance each other out nicely. 4 stars for Treasure State. It is a good solid procedural mystery.

Thanks to Minotaur Books and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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