This is How I Lied

This is How I Lied

When a murdered girl’s Doc Marten is found twenty-five years later, the police reopen the case. The death of Eve, her best childhood friend, had been tragic for Maggie. finding her body with Eve’s younger sister, Nola, was especially painful. Now one of only two detectives in the small rural Iowan town of Grotto, Maggie must investigate her friend’s murder in This is How I Lied.

There are plenty of suspects but few leads in the cold case. Eve, only fifteen, had just broken up with her rich but abusive boyfriend, Nick, when she was murdered. She had also had angry words with her best friend, now-Detective Maggie. Eve’s younger sister, Nola, was known to torture animals as a child. Could she have murdered Eve in a jealous rage? Or could someone that the former police chief, Maggie’s father, wasn’t aware of have done it?

This is How I Lied really gets under your skin in the best way for a thriller. I was racing through the pages so fast that my Kindle had a hard time keeping up. It is an enthralling plot that I read in one three-hour sitting. Nola is a truly fascinating character. She is completely different from the usual thriller character. As the book states, “No matter where she lived, Nola would be scary.” Brava! 5 stars and a highly recommended favorite read!

Thanks to Park Row, Harlequin Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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