The Ultimate Spam Cookbook

The Ultimate Spam Cookbook

I really thought that I had used Spam in many creative ways over the years. Fried rice? Of course! Toasted Spam and cheese sandwiches? Yes! Mac ‘n Cheese with Spam and peas? It’s a no-brainer! But The Ultimate Spam Cookbook has provided me with so many fresh ideas for my favorite canned meat. (Sorry, deviled ham and tuna. You’re also-rans in my taste buds’ book.)

With Spam burritos, ramen and even monkey bread, The Ultimate Spam Cookbook goes there. I’m not sure if I’m ready to try Spam Pasta Nachos or Spam PB&J but know there are a bunch of innovative recipes here that you won’t find on the All Recipes or Food Network sites. I was also surprised that Hormel makes a Spam Chorizo and a Spam Teriyaki.

With a recipe for every taste bud, you can’t miss with this cookbook. It even has pictures of each recipe. It doesn’t have nutritional information. But you’re eating Spam so you probably don’t care. 5 stars and I’m off to make the Spam Hawaiian Skillet because I luckily have the ingredients in my pantry already. Yum!

Thanks to Fox Chapel Publishing and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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