The Strange Ones

The Strange Ones

Franck and Anjeline are The Strange Ones in any crowd. They are misfits, who seem fated to be together. After all, didn’t they keep meeting accidentally on the busy streets of Manhattan?

This book tells their story from Anjeline’s point of view. However, during the introduction, the author states that he modeled Franck after himself. Perhaps he just wanted to see the world through different eyes through his art.

The plot moves snail slow through the first half. But the buildup to the surprising conclusion is much faster paced. In addition, the art improves immensely during the book. The author began this memoir before heading to art school in 1994. He finished it fifteen years later after his art career was well established. So in addition to seeing the characters’ growth, you can also see the author’s.

If you enjoy reading graphic memoirs and are one of The Strange Ones yourself, you will enjoy this look back into time. The scenes in memorable locations in New York City like the cloisters were especially fun. 4 stars!

Thanks to Gallery 13, Gallery Books, and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. That’s interesting about the author’s artwork developing… you would think he would have redrawn his early panels to be on par with the later illustrations. This sounds like it might be good, I love oddball protagonists! 🙂

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