The Stowaway

The Stowaway

A woman is convinced that a serial killer is stalking the halls of a cruise ship in the exhilarating new thriller, The Stowaway.

Two years ago, Wyatt Butler, an accused child serial killer, was set free when a jury couldn’t come to a unanimous decision. One jury member prevented his conviction. Maria Fontana admitted to the media that she was the holdout. This resulted in a media frenzy blaming her for releasing an obviously guilty man. An incendiary book was on the bestseller lists for weeks describing her faults.

Maria, her fiancé and her twin children take a twelve-day cruise between New York City and Southampton. Has Wyatt taken the same cruise and started killing the passengers? What is his end goal? Or is Maria just having paranoid delusions related to the traumatizing trial?

Wow, I adored this book. I also stayed up way too late to read it. Once I read about 20%, I just couldn’t stop reading. The plot is so compelling! If you are looking for an breathtaking read, don’t miss The Stowaway. 5 stars and a favorite!

Thanks to St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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