The Russian Cage

The Russian Cage

In an alternate future, Lizabeth “Gunnie” Rose goes to the Holy Russian Empire, now located in California and Oregon. Her goal is to help her sister, Felicia, find her boyfriend, Prince Eli. Eli, who is also Lizabeth’s former partner, is locked in The Russian Cage. But how can a Gunnie (or gun person) like Lizabeth free him when even carrying guns on the streets there is illegal? She will have to rely on her growing magic skills—and luck.

Though it has taken a bit longer to get into Ms. Harris’ Gunnie Rose series of books, I am really beginning to feel at home in this strange world. The characters are as unique as the setting. Plus, as the Sookie series proved, eventually the author will have you believing something as silly as fairies, if you read enough of the series.

Expect to have to use your imagination and suspend some belief while reading this book. If so, you too will be enchanted by this completely different fantasy world that is populated by realistic characters just trying to survive. 4 stars for The Russian Cage!

While you can read this as a standalone, the series is better read in order. Thanks to Gallery Books, Saga Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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