The Ninja’s Blade

The Ninja's Blade

Lily Wong is a lot of things: half-Hong Kong Chinese, half North Dakota Norwegian, and full ninja. She works with a women’s shelter to extract women from dangerous situations. In The Ninja’s Blade, Lily is trying to break up a child sex trafficking ring in her own Los Angeles backyard.

Lily is also suffering from PTSD from her adventures in the last book. She refuses to accept help. After all, ninjas don’t do therapy.

She is also trying to stop her mother from marrying her off to “Mister Perfect Chinese Son”, Daniel Kwok. That job gets even more impossible once her mother’s parents arrive from Hong Kong. Her grandfather, Gung-Gung, had failed to have sons. His daughter, Lily’s mom, has also failed in his mission. Only Lily could provide him with the male heir he so deeply craves. But first, she must be married, of course. And Daniel is Perfect, after all.

The Ninja’s Blade is the ideal choice for action movie fans! It has fights, clear evil villains, and a kick-a$$ heroine. It is also very cinematic. I could see each scene perfectly choreographed in my mind’s eye throughout the plot. It helps that I lived in Los Angeles for the first thirty years of my life. Just a fun, feminist, culturally diverse read with a real-life ninja. 4.5 stars! Don’t miss it!

Thanks to Agora Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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