The Lost Wonderland Diaries

Lost Wonderland Diaries

“What if Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland wasn’t something Lewis Carroll made up, but a history of what he saw when he came here?”—The Lost Wonderland Diaries

Celia is the daughter of a librarian and the great-great-great-grandniece of Charles Dodson, the real name of the author of Alice in Wonderland. So it is no surprise when the citizens of Wonderland ask for her help to rid their land of a horrible monster. However, it is a surprise when Celia and her friend Tyrus drink from a tiny green bottle and end up trapped in Wonderland.

The Lost Wonderland Diaries has matched the atmosphere, mood, and humor of the original book exactly. The addition of real math word problems, bullying, and dyslexia makes the book seem more modern without interrupting the flow of the plot. Overall, it’s an enjoyable and clever read (and not just for children). 4.5 stars!

Thanks to Shadow Mountain Publishing and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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